Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mohican and finalized Race Calendar

So here are my official plans for 2013. After narrowing down my 100 miler for the year, the Mohican 100 I scheduled around that. I took off the 3 days at the Fair 24 hours since that was too close to the Mohican and I think I would go crazy running for 24 hours on a 1 mile loop.  I am excited for Mohican it is one of the first 100 milers I heard of growing up in Cincinnati. And I always wanted to go to Mohican, and it's supposed to be in one of the nicer spots in Ohio. I think I might of gone skiing there as a kid. I was considering Burning River for a while, but my anti- Cleveland bias got to me and we might be going away for my in laws 50th anniversary that week. So a quick weekend in Ohio, I'll have my built in crew my mom and Mark. I need to find a pacer, but looks like there are local pacers available. It's mostly trail single track which is fun. So Mohican is the big race for the year. And if it all goes south I could win the Last of the Mohicans award for coming in last.

Race Schedule Approved by Susannah

Long Island Fat Ass 50- January 12th (unless Bengals Playoff game conflicts)
NYC Central Park Marathon February 24th
NJ Ultra Fest 50 Miler March 24th
Rock the Ridge or TNFEC 50 May 4
Mohican 100 June 15th
Virgil Crest September 21st
NYC Marathon
JFK or other race in Nov/December

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